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What can we do now?
Well for one we can be sure to enjoy each moment we have today with baby Kennedy. For starters I have ordered (I wish I had done so earlier) a heart beat monitor from

For $50 a month we can listen and record heart beats from Kennedy and keep track of how she is doing. We are also doing this so that we know the moment that Kennedy is called to Heaven.

Carol has to wait and worry each moment right now for baby to kick. Then she is constantly wondering if it was a real kick or something else she has felt. So far Kristin has been able to talk to Kennedy, but cannot really hear anything from Kennedy in return. Kristin listens to my heart on occasion using a real stethescope sp? so I think she will get the idea of the doppler fetal heart monitor.

This monitor also lets us record the heart beats to a computer. I will take advantage of this (as you can imagine) and upload heart beats as we listen to them.

I have talked with our Pastor and he has assured us that we can and should do everything we can for Kennedy and that according to our faith Kennedy has a soul the moment she was concevied. This means if she does make it to birth she is due for baptism. If she does not make it to birth she is due a full funeral and we agreed at a grave side ceremony. Carol will be consulted when the time comes. Until that time she is somewhat out of the loop since I have taken this task on with her in the dark.

I can only hope that I am guided in a manner that is efficient and effective as well as timely. The preparations I can make now not only help me continue but will help everyone when the time comes. To be honest I have no hope that the time will not come. I am sure that my wife and I will be burying our second child, Kennedy, sometime this year. I can hardly believe it.

5/26/2005 4:30:17 PM