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Update - nothing really new
We havent been called in yet. I was told to call back 3-4 PM. Since we are T18 we are being told that we should get priority on the list at least.

Carol is nervous and little anxious. She is preparing mentally and the extra time we have has really helped us plan and prepare.

We have been talking to Kristin, our 4 year old, and telling her that baby might not come home. She really doesnt get it because she keeps talking about "but when she DOES come home then.." and we cant disagree with her that much.... She understands that something might be wrong with baby which will make her go up with Jesus, and I think she is preparing for it as well. She started asking some spontaneous questions today and talking about how she wants baby to come home for sure.

10/7/2005 4:53:04 PM
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