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Kennedys Birth Plan
Kennedy has Trisome 18. This is usually fatal for the fetus before 1 year and "usually" much earlier. This is our plan for Kennedy's birth. Please try and understand that we have put a lot of thought into these concerns over the past 7 months and some of the items contained here might seem odd to you.

Kennedy is a blessing for Carol, Jason and her big sister Kristin as well as the rest of our family. It is important that you refer to her as Kennedy. Carol should be in contact with Kennedy at all times. Our wish is that if she dies, Carol or Jason is holding her. As a result, we ask that all possible procedures be performed in our presence or delayed. Our intent is to provide comfort care for Kennedy with minimal intervention.
Carol and Jason will have very few family members present at the birth. In the room we will only have Carols Mother, Wanda Head. Immediately after the birth and Carol having been covered with a sheet, Charles Head, Kristin and our Pastor, David Haught will be brought into the room. Your assistance with the process is important.
We desire no mechanical ventilation at any time, no CPR (no chest compressions) at any time. Rather, immediately after birth, perform standard suctioning, rubbing, and vigorous drying to aid in her respiratory and cardiac efforts. We desire that the following comfort care guidelines be observed.

1) Assess Kennedy’s respiratory effort after drying, warming, and suctioning.
a) If no respiratory effort, do not try to resuscitate. Give her to Mother or Father.
b) If she breaths reasonably well give her to Carol. Other procedures (footprints, eye ointment, vitamin K, etc.) are to be delayed until after the family is brought into the room and have spent some time with Kennedy and certainly after the baptism as taken place. Jason can be utilized to weight and measure Kennedy if necessary.
2) Comfort care (DNR) orders are instituted at this point (after the above has been attempted).
3) We desire that Mother or Father be holding her at all possible times.
4) We desire no warming tables instead use warm blankets to keep Kennedy with Carol as much as possible.
5) We desire that no procedures be performed without parents' presence. Jason is to be with Kennedy at all times.
6) We desire full rooming in (no NICU, transition nursery) for at least first several hours; later arrangements to be made with parents' permission only.
7) We desire that Jason bathe Kennedy himself or with Carol if possible.
8) Kennedy will most likely not be able to nurse regardless of her state. Most likely she will require a soy based formula.
10) If Kennedy stabilizes, we desire to take her home ASAP on comfort care.
In case of death:
If Kennedy dies during our stay, please notify staff members as soon as appropriate.

If she dies before being bathed, we desire to bathe and dress her ourselves.

After she dies, we desire that Kennedy be with us as long as we desire. Also, we desire that our children and relatives be allowed to be with us during that time.

Kennedy’s name, Kennedy Ann Elizabeth Huber, must be on the birth and death certificate.

10/5/2005 11:07:36 AM