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Another Drs. Appt and the NICU doctor.
We had another Drs. Appt on Monday. Nothing really new to report from the appt. Carol is dilated a little more and progressing well. Heartbeat was normal and really that was it. The good news is they didn’t really say anything new to make Carol more upset.

I was referred to a Neonatal Consultant. Her name is Dr. Mary Allare. She works with the Phoenix Children’s hospital in the NICU. This is the doctor who will attend the birth as the baby’s doctor, not the delivering doctor – they don’t work on babies. Turns out Dr. Allare wont actually be at he delivery, but I am confident that her counterpart will be well informed by her and just as kind.

Dr. Allare was very helpful. We have had our share of not-so-helpful and sometimes hurtful doctors over the past 8 months. Carol wouldn’t come to this meeting for that reason. She was afraid of another doctor condemning our child. Dr. Allare wasn’t like this at all. She is very concerned and caring and compassionate. She answered all of my questions, looked over the birth plan and generally took 45 minutes to just talk with me about everything that will happen.

We talked about everything. Who can come in when, where Kennedy goes when and to who she we be given. She didn’t say I couldn’t do one thing I feel we need to do. She is experienced and gave me confidence that the doctors and the hospital wont add any strain to the process.

Thank you Dr. Allare. You are one of the few that have been kind over the past months.

We also talked about an early induction. We talked about how it really didn’t hurt to induce a little early. Not in the way that Dr. Strong talked about it (your baby is going to die anyway so who cares?), but in the way that baby is as grown as she is going to be, it will help us to be prepared and it really isn’t doing Kennedy much good to remain in the womb.

I am not sure why but I agree. I am not thinking of it in a way like “lets get this over with” but rather what is best for Carol, Myself, Kristin and our family. Kennedy has what she needs right now to survive as long as we can and planning for this is so very important. I am on the phone with Carol talking over the option now and Dr. Allare is checking on the details for us. We are going to talk in about an hour to figure it all out. This would probably happen after the 15th or so of this month and we may go into labor before the planned date anyway.

10/4/2005 3:45:02 PM