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Dream last night
Last night I had another dream about Kennedy. I think since this is the second dream of this sort I should share them here. I do not pride myself on my writing prose, so please just read it and try and experience. I assure you it is as strange as it gets and it is completely true as I remember it.

Last night in the dream I was in an unknown location that felt familiar to me. It was my home, but did not look like the home I have now or have ever had. Carol had given me a backpack of sorts containing Kennedy alive and in the womb of the backpack (I know its odd). I was able to actually feel my daughter in the backpack. Her arms and legs and I was happy to be able to be so close to her. I realized that Kennedy was still in this womb of sorts and I was surprised, but no as much as you would think.

Within seconds, as dreams go, Kennedy was out an in my arms. She was an older baby and able to be held by the hands on my legs. I couldn’t see her face at all – again how dreams are to me, but I was able to remember her legs feet (sorry no details came through) and most of all – her hands.

Her hands were perfect. The scene quickly changed to her lying down and grasping at my fingers. I came to the realization that her hands were open and I was surprised by this much more than anything else in the dream. I remember her newborn hands with cracked skin as it is with newborns and finger nails a little too long. But open, not closed, not clenched. It was so fast I yelled for Carol to say “her hands are open!”.

Sadly, I woke up.

The other dream was stranger but reflects a real problem we are having. We have too much fluid around Kennedy. She isn’t digesting enough fluid; this causes it to build up around her. My dream was a reflection of this knowledge.

It wasn’t a long dream. I had baby in my arms still in the placenta (I know, but it’s the truth). There was a lot of fluid but I realized she wouldn’t make it like this for long. I found the hose I needed to attach (I don’t know what that means, but dreams are about feelings) and I found the fitting. I hooked them together and the placenta started to expand and seemed like it was going to burst. I felt that if the hose wasn’t attached Kennedy wouldn’t make it but if I unhooked the hose fluid came out. I hooked up the hose again and watched as the placenta expanded and then unhooked it again and fluid came out.

Thankfully I woke up.

8/17/2005 12:42:50 PM