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Perinatologist .. Level 2 Ultrasound.
Yesterday we went into the Perinatologist to have a level two ultrasound performed. It looks just like any other stomach ultrasound but I guess GE put a pentium in it or something. It is also one that is capable of 3D images.

The tech was very nervous and was unsure about a few things. I was sure what was wrong after about 10 minutes. When the tech left the room I mentioned it lightly to Carol and we waited for the doctor to return.

He did return with the worst news I have ever heard in my life. Kennedy has multiple problems. There isnt a good way to list these, so here goes.

1. Genetic defect
2. Spinal Bifida
3. cyst on the brain
4. Clenched Fists
5. Clubbed foot
6. Banana sign
7. A VNC or VSC heart defect

So we were asked to perform a amniosyntisis which we did. The results should be back in 48 hours. The real story here is that the doctor thought Kennedy might be Trisome 18. To most people that would be *like* Downs Syndrom. But T18, as it is called, tends to affect every organ system in the body and babies, if carried to full term, they dont usualy make it, have a 90% chance of dying before age 1.

From what I have read online the ones that do make past age 1 dont have nearly as many issues with the body as our little girl.

Carol and I have vowed to do everything we can for Kennedy and we will share what that means here. Right now it means waiting and praying.

5/24/2005 12:02:44 PM