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Kennedy Update
Things are going OK for Mommy and Baby. I think everything is ok in there, but I guess I really cant tell. Heartbeat is where it should be and activity levels seem to be irratic and normal. I think irratic movement is normal anyway.

We have upgraded our picture and video taking capabilities substancially over the past days so that we can be sure to get as many great images of Kennedy as possible. I feel that we are going to have a better time at this than we thought.

I am happy that we have made it this far and I keep thinking we are going to make it the whole way. I dont have any reason to not think so. We are nearing the 7 month mark and that is a big deal. Just a few more weeks and we will be in the safe range for birth.

I know that 8 months only means birth, but that is the goal right now. Honestly - a live birth is our goal at the moment. After that we will hope for an hour. Then a day, then a week and then a month. It is true but sad that I just cant imagine us getting a month with Kennedy after all we have learned, but what an amazing month it will be.

I am glad that most people who know me at work or at school have little or no idea what is going on with Kennedy. I am sorry, but it wouldnt make it easier and each new person that does know finds out and shares their knowledge with me in a private way - however small it is.

Kennedy's family is happy today and has been happy for most days after the diagnosis. Remember the smile on my face isnt a fake and I am not hiding any emotions. Carol is happy and sad at times as am I. The more we are happy the better off we all are. But we arent faking it.

7/24/2005 4:45:39 PM
Comment by katztoy13<at>
Jason, Carol and Kristin,

I just wanted to offer my thoughts and prayers. In the office over the past few months I have heard some of what you have been going through, but as well appreciating the fact that you would rather just enjoy every moment you get with Kennedy.

Know that you all are in my prayers every day. I can feel it in my soul that you will get some time with your little one.

Kathy Curfman
posted @ 7/26/2005 11:07:24 PM by katztoy13<at>