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I felt Kennedy move and kick!
Wow. I thought a few days back that I was able to feel Kennedy moving. I am still pretty sure I was. Last night, my wifes birthday, I know I felt her move. There is no question. I certainly felt a knee or foot or something move and kick against my wife's stomach. It wasn't such an amazing thing in that I could feel her move. My wife tells me all the time that she is moving. It was amazing that I could feel her.

Yesterday wasnt the greatest day for the Hubers or the Heads. But end of the day my daughter decided to remind me why I do what I do. I got to feel some reassurance that Kennedy is going to make it to term and to that kick I said: "She is going to make it." I have always hoped and prayed that she would make it, but now I believe. Call me fooled, but I believe that we are going to share some special times looking into each others eyes.

What an easy time we have of it right now. All we need do is hope and pray and keep looking towards the future. I want to be able to ride this wave as long as I can. I have the nagging feeling that my family is going to be drug across the coral when the wave crashes, but I think we are strong enough for it. Kennedy is worth it and we are all she has - I think we are going to handle it just fine and be stronger for it.

Things I have taken for granted (besides everything) until recently:

1. Birthdays - I just want her to have one (even if only the day she is born)
2. Hugs
3. Eye Contact
4. A baby's cry
5. Blinking
6. Diapers.
7. OK - Everything taken for granted.

7/18/2005 11:10:47 AM