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Today we talked...
Today Carol and I talked about how it was to just continue on as if everything were normal. I have been golfing at lunch and she has been hoping that baby is fine. For the most part you wouldnt notice that anything were wrong with the family - and really nothing is.

We talked about how there is a chance that Kennedy will come up just normal. I said out-loud (it is important to note what is out-loud and what is not) that Kennedy could come out and have a few surgeries and then live a life in a wheelchair or with special needs that we can certainly provide. Carol added that we could certainly handle that and could only pray for something as precious.

We found Kristin a new bed which meant that there was no longer room in her room for the cradle she had insisted we set up for Kenndy (how she says it). It had to go into Mommys room. We can pray and dream and truthfully it almost makes me tear that our child will come home and get to spend some time in that special cradle made by her grandpa - Charles Head.

Earlier we had talked about this website and Carol had mentioned how she thought in the beginning, when we first found out that Kennedy was T18, that this website might not be a great idea. She said that she has since come around and likes the idea and actual appreciates the fact that we will have what few parents get. The chance to remember Kennedy as much as we can.

I know some of you that will read this will be thinking that it would have been better to end it or easier or whatever. Well Kennedy is kicking and mocing around. Yeah we hear the heartbeat, but she is alive in there. We have made our decision and we are happy with it. Here is the end result - baby - heartbeat, pulse, brain (which is developing normaly of course), hands, feet, she is a girl, eyes, a smile when she comes out, ok really a crying upset child when she comes out, a live HUBER.

Those of you that know me either have heard HUBERSTYLE or perhaps TEAM HUBER. Kristin is even protective of the status of TEAM HUBER. Pa has been inducted. Grandpa is soon to be. Mommy is out. Grandma is in for the moment I think. Grandma Jo-Jo is in by default (last name is Huber). I mean Being a HUBER is something we have taken to a new level. Kennedy is automatically part of TEAM HUBER right now. Mark my words she is part of the team. A child of a team member not only sweats HUBER STYLE but they are part of TEAM HUBER for life.

Kennedy is and will remain part of the family as much today as she will be 10 years from now. TEAM HUBER!!

6/10/2005 1:48:24 AM