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New sounds
So I uploaded 3 new sounds today. The first, or earliest is the least clear although you can hear her talking about 20 seconds into it? Hear it?

The second is rather clear and you can hear the trotting noise you should hear. Sounds like a horse at gallop.

The third or top most audio file is of mommy's heart. You can clearly tell that it beats only half as many times per minute as Kennedy's heart.

After all I was speacially trained to use the doppler thingy... It is the easiest device to use and I suggest it to anyone who has the patience and interest.

Carol is doing well and really needs to hear how everyone asks how she is doing. She is near the point where she will start talking to friends and family about Kennedy without to much trouble.

The most interesting thing is when people ask "is there any danger to Carol?". I am impressed by this question because it really does look past the immediate situation and look at Carol as a person that needs care.

The answer for those of you wondering but have yet to ask is: No. There is no more danger to Carol at this point than in a regular pregnancy. If that changes then our decisions might change. But at this point there is no reason that Carol should be in danger. In addition we should have some warning signs before it gets to that point. Without going into detail - Carol will know if attention is needed far in advance in most cases.

Thanks for your prayers and so far we still have a lot to look forward to!

6/6/2005 2:10:18 AM