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"Not so much" is good news?
First everything seems to be ok.

Tonight Carol called me at DeVry to tell me that she was "spotting". This isn't good news.

There are some pains that came along with it and so we are a little concerned. Carol had spent the morning cleaning and getting ready for the bug guy. We used to use Glendale Exterminating, but the owner turns out to be rather rude and careless not to mention inconsiderate to her customers.

Anyway about 8PM Carol called and gave me the news. I was walking out so I hurried home. We listened to Kennedy's heart and all was ok. 140 BPM and seeming strong.

We don’t know the cause, but we are praying that it isn’t anything unusual.
Carol has since went to check several more times and "not so much" was the last response I received. So we think everything might be ok. We are waiting the night to see. Carol has had a few more hours sleep during the day. Tonight sleep will be plentiful.

6/2/2005 1:05:01 AM