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One day at a time.
This morning right away we needed to hear Kennedy's heart beating and we could. It was easily found and she was moving around so much we could hear an arm or leg go in front of the signal as it made a "scratch" noise.

Although it is hard and we think about it every moment we are doing well. Carol spends a little time each day crying and we both spend most of the day thinking about Kennedy. Not that we are moping around - we dont. We spend most of the day outwardly happy and spending time with big sister - Kristin.

Kristin thinks about Kennedy every moment. She is constantly trying to make Ken laugh and give Ken a pillow or a toy. It has so far been such a blessing.

What are we hoping for now? We really want to make it to birth. We want to make it to the point where Kennedy is born and is able to be held and see and hear her loving family before she moves on. Whats the big deal? Well first - HAVE YOU HEARD HER HEART!?>!!?!?! yeah that is the big deal but also.

We want to show that Kennedy is real and a person and alive and a part of Team Huber. If she is born alive and takes a breath we get a birth certificate and most likely a death certificate. Aid Association For Lutherans will give us 5,000 for funeral expenses. And we will have something to remember our second daughter from for the rest of our lives. Kennedy will be baptised. This is important part of our belief.

Selfish? I dont think so.

5/30/2005 6:43:01 PM