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Heart Beat is heard.
I was talking with the Dr. Saretsky's assistant today and she was rather upset that we ordered a heart monitor. She explained that she was specially trained to use the monitor and that she was upset with the companies that promote the use in home. I guess she has heard that some moms wont know how to use the monitor and will then be upset or scared when you cant hear the heartbeat.

Here is what I think. Moms go to the doc to hear the heartbeat all of the time. They watch and FEEL what the doctor is doing. This is a GREAT way to learn something - have it done on you. Ask someone in massage school. It is an easy way to find the location you want to get to. Same went for wrist locks and pressure points in martial arts.

Anyway we opened the box and within 90 seconds we were listening to Kennedy's heart beating. It was great. Carol just pointed out on her tummy where the doc usually places the monitor and demonstrated the hand motion that was used to probe. It was a piece of cake. We could even hear the "wind in the trees" which is some other sort of sound from the baby.

Anyway I am going in now to update my code so that I can easily upload the sounds of baby Kennedy. Stay "tuned".

I am also considering a feature to the Huberblog sites which will be the subscribe feature. You could log in and choose to be notified anytime I post a new entry. Sometimes things like this happen and I dont call and let everyone know.

Please post comments. It will be important to read years from now.

5/27/2005 8:36:51 PM