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This blog is for Kennedy Ann Elizabeth Huber. Kennedy was diagnosed in the womb with Trisome 18. Trisome 18 is a difference in her DNA that causes a third sequence to be applied to the 18th section. Most people havent heard of Trisome 18 so I tell them that it is like Downs Syndrom. Downs affects the 21st section in the same way.

Trisome 18 babies die within the first year of life 90% of the time. The Trisome 18 isnt fatal but the fact that it causes slower healing and is generally associated with other problems in the child is.

Kennedy has full T18. Sometimes I talk to someone that has heard of a child with T18 and is alive. Most of those children have partial or mosiac T18. Kennedy also has a heart defect, which isnt fatal by itself as well as spinabifida, etc. While we pray that Kennedy will have some time to learn that she is loved by her family, we are most afraid to not get that chance.

Kennedy was born at 12:09 am on October 10th 2005